I am Indie!

My name is Miguel Ángel Hernández Olmo, but I chose a more international name for my social networks so you can find me as Mike Indie Dev. I have been making my own video games since I was in high school, learning from books, webpages, YouTube tutorials etc. It wasn’t easy but I knew I wanted to spend my live developing videogames since the very first time I wondered what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am what is normally called indie game developer, that means that my developer profile had been updating step by step over time.

  • I am a designer.

Above all else, I am a video game designer. I love to create original games with unique, or at least unexpected game mechanics. I really enjoy watching people getting surprised playing something different from what they are used to play.

  • I am a developer.

Eight years ago there were neither degrees in design nor game development, so I decided to study IT. However, I am happy to have studied IT because it provided me a good basis on which I was further building upon my skills and knowledge about game development. The video games industry is constantly evolving, that’s why I like to keep myself well-informed about the latest advancements. I try to learn something new every day, and I am one of those people who thinks that in programming, everything is possible if you know how to do it. That is the reason why I do not limit myself and I never say “That cannot be done”. Whenever I find a challenge I will stay in front of the computer till I solve it.

  • I am a little bit of everything

However, I am also compelled to do all kinds of tasks as Community Manager, tester, QA, producer, Publisher, level designer, etc. That’s the best part of being Indie, isn’t it?

Know me better!


Ideas in my head

Over 9000



Video games played




That’s me, that’s what I do and what I like. Here you can get to know me better.

Gamer and developer

As you can see so far I love video games, I love them for as long as I can remember and played games like “The Lion King” or “The Secret of Monkey Island”. Nowadays I do have not much time as I would like, even thought, I keep playing several games for further learning or just for fun.

Amateur cinematographer

I love films and series. I enjoy good films of course, but if there is a "not so good" film but it can entertain me and make me have a good time with my friends that's perfect.

Reader and collector

Graphic novels, American comic, manga ... I will never say no to a good reading. Among my favorite titles we can find "Sin City" and "Maus". I will defend "Aquaman" despite what they say in "Big Bang Theory " and I get excited reading "Boku no hero academy ".

Better with friends

Despite work and hobbies there is nothing better than having a good coffee with friends. I love talking for hours and getting to know people and their points of view. I think it's best to clear your mind and it helps you to be more focused. A good friendship is something that I value very much.

I like


I Love


I'm passionate

About alpacas

My skills

Here you can see the interest I have in different areas.

  • Game Development-9/10

  • Game Design-8.5/10

  • Web Development-6/10

  • Researching-7.5/10

  • Learning-8/10

I enjoy the 100% of what I do.


Development tools

Apart from a lot of other tools and programs, these are the one I use the most.

Unity 3D

I have been developing videogames for over 7 years with Unity. It was one of the first tools I tested and used for 2D video games, mobile applications and interactive experiences.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a great tool, I use it when I need to develop 3D games in which aesthetics are prioritized, or for virtual reality games.


I use Git as a version controller and collaboration tool, I think it's really a need on nearly every project.